Each charge receives one lay member to Annual Conference. A charge served by more than one clergyperson is assigned an additional lay member for each additional appointed clergy. However, additional persons appointed to a charge who are from another annual conference, another denomination, are supervised and/or certified laypersons, or who are Temporary Pulpit Supply are not considered clergy for purposes of equalization and will not be in the total clergy count for that charge.

Please see the Lay Leadership list for laypersons who are in specified conference leadership positions. These persons are automatically equalization members and should not be elected to represent their local charge or their district.

Each district is assigned 15 at large members for the 2019 Annual Conference Session. 

      In addition, each district is also assigned 
      two young adult members (age 18 – 30) 
      and two youth members (high school age.) 

Charges receiving equalization members are in boldface font on the list.

If you have questions, please contact the conference secretary, Nitza Dovenspike, at nitza.dovenspike@iaumc.org.