Q. How much decrease is in the 2020 Budget? 

A. The 2020 Proposed Budget decreased by $1,160,369 from the 2019 budget which is an 8.1% decrease. 

Q. What programs were eliminated or reduced? 

A. No Conference programs were eliminated however the Iowa Religious Media Services (IRMS) funding was ended as of 3/31/19. Areas that were reduced are the district office funds, reducing from four full-time Associate Directors of Congregational Excellence to two Associate Directors, with two quarter time Associates for Multi-cultural Ministry, a position in the Treasurer’s Office, and a support staff position in the Episcopal Office. Under the Conference Missions section of the budget, Board of Higher Education funding, Community and Institutional Ministries (CIM), and Board of Camps & Retreat Ministries were reduced. 

Q. What other changes were made? 

A. A new position was formed under the Cabinet to assist and relieve the District Superintendents and the District Administrative Assistants of some of their responsibilities. We determined that some processes can be more efficiently done at the Cabinet level versus dispersing the work out among the District Staff. Also, added will an apportionment amount to assist in replenishing our cash reserves. 

We had 52.7 Full Time Equivalent positions in January 2013. We have continued to respond to changing circumstances. With these current reductions we are now at 38.45 Full Time Equivalent positions. 

Q. Are these decreases going to affect the services provided by the Iowa Conference? 

A. We continue to evaluate what is essential to the mission and ministry of the Iowa Conference. It is our intention to direct our resources to those. As we go, we anticipate the necessity of discontinuing some services or directing them to others. 

Q. Are there going to be more decreases in the future? 

A. The Council on Finance and Administration (CFA) feels that the percentage of local church income to a local church apportionment asking needs to be lower. It is around 17% currently and the goal is 15%. 

CF&A will continue to recommend further decreases until we reach the 15% target. We will also adjust expenditures as circumstances warrant. The apportionment budget at the 15% target would be approximately $12.5M. 

Q. What is the timeline and how are the districts combining? 

A. Two districts will share a DAA. Two districts will share one location and one District Administrative Assistant. The timeline for this change varies depending on the district and various circumstances. The goal is to complete the process by year end 2019. 

Q. Why are we adding $250,000 to the Cash Reserve when we are making significant budget reductions? 

A. We spent into our reserves in 2017 and 2018 and need to replenish our reserves for a healthy cash flow.