Pastor Rob Cook and Pastor Eric Mulanda Nduwa from Mount Hope United Methodist Church in Lansing, Michigan, will be leading our Teaching Session during Annual Conference.

Mount Hope United Methodist Church is a growing multiethnic church near downtown Lansing, Michigan. Planted a hundred years ago as a mission church, the congregation now welcomes people from all over the world.

About Pastor Eric Mulanda

I am Eric Mulanda Nduwa, from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a country that was formerly known as Zaire. I am married to Corinne Mafo who is also a Congolese and she is a nurse by profession. We have two blessed boys name Blessed Mulanda and Jossiah Mulanda. I am an ambassador of Jesus Christ who is driven through this scripture from the book of Acts 1:8 “to go and be witnesses …to the end of the Earth. So, I am still going and witnessing Jesus Christ in this world.

I serve as an associate pastor at Mount Hope United Methodist which is a multi-ethnic Church ( where we welcome people around the world. We are a church growing younger and more diverse in the Michigan Area. I have been serving as an ambassador of Jesus Christ reaching people in the community and beyond the community for Jesus Christ in different countries such as Congo-Kinshasa, Zimbabwe, Germany and the United States. “To serve yourself, use your head; to serve others, use your heart.” Rev. Eric Mulanda and Corinne Mafo

About Pastor Rob Cook

Rob Cook is a pastor serving at Mount Hope UMC (, a church that welcomes people from all over the world.  He is developing cultural competency the best way, by experiencing it firsthand.  

Long an ethnically homogeneous church, Mount Hope is growing younger and more diverse.   Also a member of the Michigan Area Multiethnic Team for New Church Development, Rob has learned that this movement transcends churches, denominations, and even theological persuasions.