UPDATED 5/30/19


The transcript of the Update on AC2019 Parking and Seating video can be found below:

Hi, I am Harlan Gillespie, Assistant to Bishop Laurie Haller. 

As you and other lay and clergy members prepare for this year’s Iowa Annual Conference, we want to update you about a few changes for this year. All the changes are attempts at reducing financial costs and making Annual Conference more accessible and welcoming.  


Every year, your Apportionment giving pays for everything that goes into holding the Iowa Annual Conference Session at the Iowa Events Center. Parking is one of those expenses. This year, the cost of parking in the North Lot of the Iowa Events Center from Friday evening through Tuesday is approximately $20,000. That is 437 parking spaces at $10 per day.  

If you’ve attended the Iowa Annual Conference in the past, you know that parking at and around the Iowa Events Center can be challenge, especially when there are major events scheduled in the Wells Fargo Center just across the street.  

This year, there will be 2 major events at Wells Fargo Arena, one Saturday evening and one on Sunday evening.  

So, we will make parking passes available to you so that parking lot attendants will know you are a member of the Iowa Annual Conference. The use of parking passes will greatly increase the availability of parking on the Iowa Events Center site for you.  

Parking Passes

Printable parking passes will be available to order on the Iowa Annual Conference Sessions website at the “A-Z: Everything You Need to Know About AC2019”. Simply complete the Parking Pass Form online and you will receive an email with a link to print your parking pass. 

There are a limited number of passes, so please make sure you print only what is needed. Please visit among the lay and clergy members of your local church or charge to make sure you don’t print more than you need.  

Please do not print a pass if you plan on leaving your vehicle at your hotel/motel and use other transportation (bus, walking) to get from your hotel to Hy-Vee Hall.  

A list of alternative parking, on-street parking, parking ramps, the map of the sky-walk system, and more have been created on the Annual Conference Session website.  https://ac2019.iaumc.org 

Display the parking pass on the dashboard of your vehicle when you enter the north parking lot where parking is designated for the Annual Conference.  

Like previous years, golf carts will run continuously between the Hy-Vee Hall parking lot and the Iowa Events Center during Annual Conference Session hours to transport any attendees who wish to utilize them.   

If you are unable to utilize the golf carts, please be contact DeeDee Sobotka of the Conference Staff to discuss alternative options.  


Once you have entered the Iowa Events Center, please check in with your district at the Registration Tables in the gathering area on the east side of Hy-Vee Hall.  

We will have a different seating arrangement this year 

Seating is designated by districts, as usual; but there will not be specific seats assigned for each clergy persons and lay members. We ask that you sit with within your district section. When you’ve selected a table, please fill out the index card provided with your name and the names of your table-mates and slide it back into the bottom of the plastic table number sign. This will enable you to share with others and they share with you where you are located as you may need. 

You may ask how you would communicate with others at Conference. Thank you for that question! Many people have been using email and/or text messaging for their communicating with others while they are at the Iowa Conference Session. We acknowledge this has been happening and would encourage you to use this as you need.  

An addition this year is a message board in the lobby where you can leave notes for others 

AND, if you and your friends across the Conference floor share your table numbers with each other, you can still raise your hand and a Diakonos will come to you and take your note to your friend.  

Keypads for Voting 

Just as it has been in prior years, keypads will be placed on the tables in the hall before you arrive. This year Diakonos will assist you with the keypads, picking up extras or bringing you a keypad if there is not one available for you when you arrive. If you need keypad assistance, please raise your hand and a Diakonos will come to you. 

Addendum and Corrections to the Pre-Conference Manual 

All Pre-Conference materials, including the Pre-Conference Manual and any addendums, corrections, or additions will be available online at iaumc.org/pcm. There will be a limited number of copies available at Annual Conference, so please print your copies and bring them with you or down load them on your electronic device.  


Our desire for one another is to make the entire Iowa Annual Conference experience as welcoming and accessible as possible. Please contact us at sessions@iaumc.org with your questions, comments, recommendations, and/or concerns as soon as possible, and we will respond as soon as possible.