Ministry, mission and transitions in ministry were celebrated Monday at the Iowa Annual Conference Session with the Fixing of Appointments for the 2019-2020 Conference year. 

Rev. Paul Smith, outgoing dean of the Appointive Cabinet offered the sermon for the Fixing of Appointments service, focusing on the importance of having and giving testimony.

“Testimonies are more important than titles,” Smith said. “A title is a rank, office or attainment bestowed by people. These titles and offices may be cancelled by the act of people.”

Whenever you have a choice, always go for the testimony and not the title, he told the congregation.  

“We as an Appointive Cabinet are sending you and your testimony to a new place, or a place you’re going back to,” he said. “We want you to take your testimony with you.”

Testimony is the number one thing that raises passionate spirituality, he added.

“The funny thing about testimonies is that you do no own the testimony, it owns you,” said Smith. “Likewise you do not change it but testimony changes you.” 

Smith shared a story about a man in his community named John and John’s dog Bear, illustrating the significance of treating everyone has a human being.

He encouraged the pastors being sent into ministry to give testimony to their families that shows how much they love them, and is not about the title.

“Give them something that claims them, something that changes them,” Smith said, “something that informs them – about you.”

“Live for the testimony,” he added. “Share your testimony.”

During the Fixing of Appointments Bishop Laurie affirmed the commitments of two new District Superintendents, Rev. Moody Colorado and Rev. Doug Cue. Colorado is the incoming District Superintendent for the South Central District, succeeding Rev. Paul Smith. Cue will be District Superintendent for the Southeast District, succeeding Rev. Lilian Gallo Seagren.

Rev. Phil Carver and Naomi Sea Young Wittstruck were honored for their years of service to the Conference in various ministries, Carver for 23 years and Wittstruck for 11 years.

The District Administrative Assistants were recognized as well.

Pastors affirmed their commitment in their respective new and current assignments, and the laity affirmed commitment to support and uphold pastors in their ministries.

Ministry Transitions for the 2019-2020 Conference year can be found HERE and HERE.